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Absolutely Perfect.

Here’s Why…

BEfore and after DIY hair extensions
About Strand-by-Strand Hair Extensions
Strand-by-strand hair extensions are the longest-lasting and most natural-looking hair extension you can wear. And ManeMaxx® is probably the safest, most comfortable strand-by-strand hair extension in the world.

TemBond® is a safe, natural and non-toxic formula for bonding strand-by-strand hair extensions. There are no glues, no fusion. You are using no metals in your hair, no chemicals or oily removers. With TemBond®, you can re-use your hair for subsequent installs when you want to, saving money on your hair extensions!

Absolutely perfect.
I love my hair.

TemBond® Verse MicroLinks - Customer Submissions

Tembond verses Microlinks Hair Extension
I’m still having great success with my bonds.

What i did to attach them was dip, gently pinch on the end points as they set, cool off a bit, then gently roll while they are still warm to get the instant round shape.

I’m actually testing it with some silicone-lined microlinks that I also have installed, and so far at 3 weeks: Tembond= 0 Microlinks= -5 loss!

Even these silicone-lined puppies slip out!

Also, I’m a distance runner so these bonds are getting a good testing against my hot sweaty salty head.
TemBond compared to Microlink Hair Extension

I also showed the measuring tape to display how large these bonds actually are. I have another tiny Tembond attachment that is half the size of the one pictured here.

It’s so dang small that you can’t tell it’s an extension unless you actually touch the bond with between both fingers! I’m testing the strength and so far, awesome. I even pulled at it, but after learning my lesson to get the one pictured here off, I didn’t want to pull anymore roots.

This tiny one is located on my temple, 1″ from the hairline. My baby-soft hair is only 3″ here. My crazy hair here never grows!
Comparing Soft Bond to Microlink
I wanted to show you what I’ve been doing in my comparison test since I last wrote to you…

I have lost 7 more silicone micro-links (they were slipping, so I gently tugged and they came off!). That makes 12 total. In 4 weeks. At this point, I’m going to reapply those puppies with the Tembond, and add some light pieces on the top for highlighting.

I also wanted to note that even though the micro-links are shorter in length, combined with the clear-fusion I-tips that I made (THAT process alone took 8 hrs for 4oz 20″! Yikes!) the whole attachment looks bigger and much more noticeable on my head than the Tembond attachments. See my explanation in the picture that I am attaching.

TemBond® — What Is It, Where It Comes From

Tiffany and TemBond hair extension bonds

Hello! Howdy! Hola! I’m Tiffany Twist and I created TemBond®

Tembond by Tiffany Twist
TemBond colors for hiar extensions
TemBond® Colors
RED: Auburn and redheads. CARAMEL for dark blonde shades. TAN for lightest blondes. CHOCOLATE: Brunettes use this. SMOKE: Black hair.
TemBond® — How To Buy It

Amie & Her Little Man’s Letter and How They TemBond Momma’s Mane To The Maxx. Totally Awesome.

Stylist weaing tembond hair extensions
Dear Tiffany,

Im a hairdresser and I have a son that is extremely creative in many areas…

I figured since he's so good with his hands … that he could easily do my extensions.

Well I was right... he watched the video once and bam 5 hours later I had beautiful extensions!

He was amazed and so happy to give me the hair back that I lost after having him lol.

I used the extra strength since my hair is so oily and it's done much better than the original that I used 3 years ago.

Thanks you so much for you sweet spirit and amazing product!

Love everything you're doing💓.

Love Amie💓
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