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Important Things Are Happening To ManeMaxx®!

We are closing ManeMaxx as you know it. For good. But first, I am trying a way so ManeMaxx fans can still buy.

I am a little sad to say that ManeMaxx has just not done enough over these years to keep the business running as it has been. I can no longer afford to keep the store open and running, nor can I let my attention and work-time go in so many directions…

Thus, I am leaving the ManeMaxx store and customer care arena to work on promoting and building my service brand, WEST COAST HAIR®, through franchising.

Now, it has been talked about to shut ManeMaxx® down completely but those emails from you guys (who have been in on this possibility) have been heart-wrenching for me to read. You have stories and you tell me that you don't want to use any other product. Now, my "want-everyone-to-be-happy" brain has to figure out, is there something I can do?

I just put a ton of money and a year's worth of time into building MMU and associated learning tools plus building a new store format so taking it all off-line was not what I'd hoped for. It's just that the money to keep it running, the man-hours it takes to run it, along with my scattered focus on too many different fronts are issues at heart here in deciding if ManeMaxx lives or dies.

So, because no customer so far has said 'let it go,' it was recommended we try a private hair extension club. And that way, those who really wanted to continue buying ManeMaxx could.

It seemed to make sense. We would find a way for you guys to be in as members, get discounts on buying and even free TemBond each year & it seemed the monthly fees that come with being in the ManeMaxx club, would allow me to hire a full-time person to take care of that necessary customer care and packing & shipping for you. (Any volunteers? We are in Minneapolis.)

If it doesn't work, if you guys don't think a private club is a good idea, we just go back to working toward closing down everything completely. But why skip the step of finding out if a private hair extension club will work?

Why not try something?

I'm thinking about it as similar to a co-op — in return for monthly membership you get permanent discounts on extension hair and bond. And if I do ever end up closing ManeMaxx for good, it'll be you the members who get all my inventory of TemBond, extension hair, warmers and other components to the kits, if, and when, ManeMaxx were ever closed and when that merchandise would be liquidated.

If you hate my idea, you don't have to let me know, ha, just buy enough stuff before August 31st to last as long as you need it. I can't work another solution (and maybe it's just hard for me to "let go" too) so I feel it's better than a complete shut-down of the business and brand right now. And maybe this will for. Just maybe… because, if you are an active ManeMaxx user, this has been set it up in a way that should make sense to what you get back from ManeMaxx by way of discounts and learning and community…

So, we have until the end of August before the store is completely off-line to the world-wide web. You'll want to sign-on to the club before then. Some of you already have and your membership will transfer to the new program.. I will keep you posted!

If you want to look over the terms and plans, I'll have them here:

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Become a Member

Within the ManeMaxx membership group, you'll get:

An awesome coupon code to choose from each month (Right now, when you sign up, we are sending you a FREE bottle of UNRRAVEL UNWIND to try!)
Direct access to Tiffany's live stream of video application and removals
Access to MMU, where you'll find application instructions, video care, tips and best practice, and how to get great success with ManeMaxx hair extensions
Access to Hairstyle Hacks, for loads of hairstyle tips and how-to's
Private group access for questions and answers, support, care & inspiration
In just a few hours we stream my own full head installation of hair extensions LIVE and you can be there to see it!

Our membership will never be offered for this price again, so please don't miss it! Sign up now to secure your price for life. There are no contracts and you can cancel anytime. You are better off to get it and try it than to let it slip by!