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I am 100% impressed and satisfied with this product. You perfected and simplified and very tedious service and I'm so thankful and excited to offer it to my clients.


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Questions and Answers About ManeMaxx Extension Hair

Is the hair returnable even if I didn't open it?
We cannot accept returns on hair products which have been opened due to State health regulations. We also don't "resell" or use any product that has been handled out of our sight and because we did not see the hair not be opened, we can't accept these hair returns. If this seems harsh, we absolutely apologize! But we will help you attempt to get it right the first time!

We have all basic colors available and allow you to add your own highlights and low-lights. You would be surprised that, as long as you get your color as close as possible, a shade or two above or below, how the extension hair blends with your own hair using the strand by stand method. I've used colors I thought didn't precisely match and have been told the extensions are completely unnoticeable. One of my customers calls the hair magic. She says no matter what color you order it ends up blending!

If we do take back goods, there will be a restocking charge that is 35% of the purchase price of the goods you are mailing back. You will be responsible for all freight charges. Special Order products (including Wave and Spiral) are non-returnable. You must notify us immediately of issues in color, length or texture within four days of delivery, after which time all your goods are deemed accepted. If an order has been placed and packing has started, cancellation of your order will incur a 15% charge.

Can I color the extensions?
Yes, you can since it is human hair but getting the extensions to blend with your hair by closely color matching them first is recommended since any chemical processing to the extension hair can shorten its life and wearability.

When is my hair going to ship out?
Usually in 48 business hours, allow for deliver (US) 1 week. BUSINESS DAYS exclude holidays and weekends. We do not offer expedited shipping and ask you order in plenty of time for your event or other deadline. (And give yourself plenty of time to practice, practice, practice if you are new at this!)

Can I reuse the extension hair?
Yes, you can!

Can I swim or go tan in my hair extensions?
Yes, both of these are fine. (Follow care tips for wet hair when swimming.)
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