Get Paid to Share ManeMaxx® Extension Hair with Your Community

Hello beauty bloggers, influencers, and hair enthusiasts...
I know how much you love sharing your knowledge and insights with others and I can't thank you enough for it. And because you're so awesome, I created an excellent program to reward you for spreading the word about ManeMaxx® which means you can get moola commission checks in the mail, just for sharing this amazing product with people who are desperately looking for its solution :)
Apply below.

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Keep An Eye On Your Commisions

See your own affiliate traffic, sales, rankings, EPC (earnings per click), refunds, and commissions right inside the stunning dashboard.
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Get Paid Top Commisions

Get $50 per ManeMaxx® kit you sell, plus commissions from our great upsells & OTOs. Each customer is worth up to $100 and more…plus member commissions which means your payment can continue for years.
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Get Easy Marketing Content

We supply you with loads of great swipe copy for your email campaigns and banner ads that have links to our best promotions so you're never looking for marketing material to work for you.
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Your Tribe Will Love You

ManeMaxx® takes care of your tribe better than anyone out there. With dedicated support to make sure they're successful right away so you don’t have to wonder if your people will be happy with their purchase.
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Let ManeMaxx® Make You — And Your List — Look Fabulous

ManeMaxx® is uber-focused on making sure your community loves you even more. Your people will get amazing and beautiful results when they maxx out their manes with ManeMaxx®. You, sweet affiliate, will be their hair angel, and we’re so happy to play a part in making that happen.