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Whether it's just small tangles or it's a lot of matting going on in your hair extensions, you can find out what to do to fix or prevent these from occurring. When wearing strand by strand hair extensions, you will probably find a bit of shed hair tangling around the root of your hair and the hair extensions where your hair extension bonds are attached. Here’s how to stop your hair extensions from tangling and matting.

Remember to care for your strands and never sleep with wet or damp hair. ManeMaxx® Extension Hair is the best extension hair product for many months of silky, tangle-free extension hair wear!

While Wearing Your Hair Extensions: Small Tangles



As your ManeMaxx® hair extensions grow out, you will probably experience shed hairs that tangle around each other at the root of your hair.  It will seem the strands are “stuck together” or growing out mixed up with each other.


Some of this is caused because of your partings or small sections to which you are attaching, which is more difficult to get extremely neat when applying hair extensions yourself, but most is just a natural occurrence when wearing strand-by-strand hair extensions.


If you have some strand tangling, use your small removal comb (aka, eyebrow comb and brush) and comb the shed hairs from the top of the bond TO your scalp in an UPWARD stroke.


Combing the shed hairs toward your scalp can also be done with your finger tips.  Now, slowly peel apart the bonds which have twisted around each other. You will feel the shed hairs loose their grip and in a manner which you know is not harming your hair.  Never force the separation.


This will detangle the sheds and allow you to separate your strands. When doing this sort of maintenance on your strands you should have no issues with the bonds growing out an inch or more.


Before applying the hair extensions.  A flat iron at the root before install is a great idea to tame the hairs so that they are nice, flat and straight for lining up your extension bonds.This is an important step for extension hair that is wavy or curly. When attaching strands to wavy or curly hair, and without flat ironing all this hair prior to install, you will have a hard time lining up, and securing, the bonds.


After removing the hair extensions For removing, and after all your strands are out, carefully comb the tangles, aka shed hairs, UP toward your scalp, then carefully DOWN the hair shaft. It can go quick once you get the hang of it.

Don't remove hair extensions from wet hair. Remove extensions and tangles from dry hair only!

While Wearing Your Hair Extensions: Major Tangles or Matting



This is what looks like a very large rats nest at your scalp involving multiple (more than 3-4 strands) at the area of your attachment on your scalp.  It usually involves shed hairs as well as your natural hair that has been left outside of the bonds during application. 


Major matting is almost always caused by sleeping with wet or damp hair and hair extensions but can also happen over a long period of time if you are not maintaining your strand by strand hair extension install.


Remember that the area around the roots is the last to dry. It is always best to wash during the day when your hair has many hours to fully dry at the root.  

With major strand tangling or matting, it is best to remove, detangle the hairs, remove the shed hairs, flat iron the hair and replace the extension. If your hair seems to be tangling in the area on which you sleep, i.e., one particular side of the head, consider purchasing a satin pillowcase. 

It’s a great idea to run your fingers through your hair, around the bonds, as best as possible to detangle the shed hair from root hairs. It is impossible to remove the shed hairs as they are typically stuck in the bonds, but you can keep them from getting messy by separating them every few days, or so, as your hair grows out.


You will save your hair along with your extension hair.  By fixing or maintaining tangles you will keep larger, more time-consuming tangles from occurring.

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