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TemBond's Recipe

About TemBond® : Ingredients, Recipe, Formula

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It's so rare that anyone asks, but I do get asked and sometimes aggressively!

My reply is always (and always will be) the same.

About TemBond® : Ingredients, Recipe, Formula

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It's so rare that anyone asks, but I do get asked and sometimes aggressively!

My reply is always (and always will be) the same. The formula for TemBond® is TRADE SECRET. No one knows the exact formulation of it, not even my husband!

Why TemBond® Ingredients are Secret

The secrecy of TemBond® ingredients and the formulation of it are important in my ability to grow the brand of hair extensions and make my company successful. It is what makes my hair extensions unique and individual in the hair extension industry.

You wouldn't want to invent something great just to hand it over to anyone who asks, right? This is why companies set about to gain patents and keep trade secrets secret.


And all of this can be very expensive and time consuming. A single patent, by the time it is finished, can cost $10,000-20,000!

Toxins and Chemicals Abound

What is commonly known and used in the hair extension industry, for example, hot glues as fusion along with latex and rubber glues as bond and tapes can contain chemical compounds. These have been used for decades without much issue in regards to anyone concerned over its formulas or origins, not to mention what we consume or inject! 

For example, I recall one customer/spa owner saying, when trying to gain access to the recipe for TemBond, "I must KNOW there are no toxins because I pride myself on using only natural products in my salon."  

I found this funny, because, I asked, do they inject Botox? 

And of course they do, which is the most "acutely toxic substance known".

This subject also reminds me of an article I just read regarding diet sodas as a kidney-killer, which I've always (thankfully) refused to consume myself. But, even though huge problems with the consumption of these sugar substitutes are known and easily found, the consumption of diet pop continues to rise. It's perplexing.

I've also shared about myself in that I formulate my own toothpaste from organic coconut oil because I am aware of the toxicity of the store brands. Just 1 tube of bubble gum flavored Colgate for Kids is enough to kill my grandson if ingested. Scary.

Safe for Hair Extension Wear

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In other words, I try not to eat, drink, use or consume what I know, or believe, to be "unsafe". 

I don't even like the ingredients in shampoos and hair products so I use and wash as little as possible and rinse forever just so I don't have these ingredients sitting on my scalp. 

I use coconut oil in place of lotions because I don't want my skin absorbing these complicated chemical compounds with many unknown (to me) ingredients. 

It should be apparent I am not about to wear anything harmful or unsafe when it comes to my hair extensions :)

In not revealing the components in my own product, I am not doing so to hide anything from consumers. I do it to protect my intellectual property.

TemBond® Formula Created for Safe Hair Extensions

As the TemBond® ingredients are concerned, they are natural, non-toxic and cosmetic grade. Containing some things you probably use everyday and even sometimes eat. Of course, I'm not saying you should eat it. (And please don't, it's not food, obviously!)

I've had girls who are allergic to all manner of hair extension glues and fusion who confirm to me the mild attributes and gentleness of this product. Still, anyone using it can and should do an allergy test especially if sensitive to certain materials. This doesn't mean the ingredients aren't natural. Grass is natural and can cause itchy skin.

(As a side note, and speaking of itching, you may notice some between 7 and 10 days of hair extension wear due to your naturally shed hairs held in your attachments. If this happens, you'll want to hang in there because once the attachments grow out a few more days and after you wash, those shed hairs will bend away from your scalp and give you relief.)

Hard Work Pays Off


At least it is supposed to! 

So, further reasons I don't share the ingredient list for TemBond® is because it would ultimately make my ability to profit from my hard work, and invested time, not relevant any longer. And that would be a terrible conclusion to the last seven years of long hours of my blood, sweat and tears, right?

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For more reading on the toxicity of toothpaste, http://www.fluoridealert.org/issues/dental-products/toothpastes/

For further reading on the ingredients to avoid in shampoos, http://www.livestrong.com/article/150346-bad-ingredients-in-shampoos/

And other toxins to avoid in lotions, shampoos and other washes: http://files.meetup.com/808876/the_big_12.pdf

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